Each Session consists of 6 classes over the course of 3 months. Classes are 2 hours long every other week. We cover:

Class 1 of 6: Target Market

Who is your target market and where can you find them ONLINE?  Get help defining your online audience and determining what online activities will help you reach them and which won’t.

Class 2 of 6: Blogging & SEO

Learn how to create content to attract your target market and the search engine spiders at the same time. Also covers other fundamentals of SEO including technical and off-page concepts.

Class 3 of 6: Social Media

Learn the keys to establishing strong social media followings and building a community of fans that will spread your content for you. Also covers how to streamline your efforts to avoid spending endless hours on this potential “time suck.”

Class 4 of 6: Content Marketing 2.0

Beyond blog articles, other types of content can help pull your readers down your sales funnel. Learn about white papers, e-books, webinars, videos, podcasts and more options for accelerating your sales cycle.

Class 5 of 6: Email Marketing

Out of sight – out of mind. Learn how to avoid this common phenomenon with effective email marketing and the best practices that keep your readers from unsubscribing.

Class 6 of 6: Continuous Improvement

Learn how to measure the return on your (time) investment and “tweak” your online marketing plan to increase the activities that work and decrease time spent on those that don’t.

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